My experience. What I do. Who I work with.

I have a depth of experience and training in both a pragmatic, rational-change approach and in insight-based therapy. I am as familiar working with clients toward practical results as I am adept with helping them attain emotional healing, spiritual development, or values clarification. I believe in the curative powers of love and of humor. I am interested in people, not only as individuals but in the contexts of families, friendship circles and communities. 

Talk therapy, dream work, art therapy, cognitive therapy, visualization, journal work and goal setting are some of the ways we can work together toward the results you want. 

I have a great deal of experience helping people who experience depression, anxiety, panic disorder, grief, fear, chronic illness, blocks to creativity, feelings of  “stuckness,” and gender identity concerns; people who are in non-traditional relationships, faced with major changes in their lives, looking to make positive changes in their intimate or social relationships and people who are suffering ill effects from painful family experiences.

I've been in practice in Seattle for more than twenty years, working with women and men--individual adults and couples of all ages. I love my work.

Peggy Shafer
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